Parenters at The Big Latch On 2016

On Saturday, August 6th we joined The Big Latch On event at BabyEarth Round Rock as an exhibitor in support of breastfeeding mothers and families. BabyEarth Round Rock hosted a local Big Latch On event for families in north Austin and Enlightened Baby hosted an event for families in south Austin. At the specified time during the event, babies from all over the world latch onto their mothers and the count begins. The host venues provide the official count at their location. This is such an impactful way to support breastfeeding mothers, promote local community and global awareness all at the same time.

We are happy to share the results from the Big Latch on 2016 with you:

Number of Children Breastfeeding: 17,223 (14,889 in 2015)

Number of Women Breastfeeding: 17,072 (15,336 in 2015)

Number of People in Attendance: 46,290 (36,502 in 2015)

What an increase from last year’s results!

We also raffled off a giveaway! Our raffle was co-hosted by Drink A Doodle Doo. The lucky winner of our raffle was the owner of Daydream Baby Boutique. This family-owned business just so happens to support families as well. Daydream Baby Boutique is an online store selling adorable products for babywearing and everything baby.

Parenters was thrilled to be a part of one of the local Big Latch On events in the Austin area. BabyEarth was a great place to be to witness this event and show our support for breastfeeding and the community. It was wonderful to meet the families who participated in the event and introduce them to Parenters.

Other exhibitors at the BabyEarth Round Rock event included: Urgent Care for Kids, Central Texas Breastfeeding Coalition, Blissful Wonders Photography, Austin Expecting, Brian the Birth Guy, Stork Maternity Consulting, Austin Baby Guru, and The Signing Connection.

To learn more about The Global Big Latch On visit the website.

The Big Latch On at BabyEarth Round Rock