Sydney S

Sports Selection, Injury Prevention, Infant Developmental Milestones

Sydney is originally from Ohio and moved to the Austin area in early 2015. After receiving her Bachelors in Advertising from Xavier University, Sydney went onto pursue her passion for health and wellness by earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University.

She has been practicing as a physical therapist for over five years, and specializes in sports related injuries. Sydney is certified in Functional Dry Needling and SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). She worked with multiple outpatient facilities in Maryland, Virginia, and currently in central Texas where she manages a satellite clinic. Sydney has also taught courses in physical therapy as an adjunct faculty member at a university in central Texas.

After helping many patients with children, she would be asked time and time again for suggestions on which sports or physical activities might be best for their children. Sydney realized she could offer one-on-one guidance to families in the selection process and provide recommendations for sports related injuries as well as physical wellness for children.

Other than helping people live to their fullest physical potential, Sydney enjoys acting in theater, singing, reading, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Ellie.

Sydney's Services

Service 1: Sports and Physical Activities Selection for Ages 3+

  • In-home observation of child's movement patterns, coordination, and preference to performing specific sports related activities
  • This may include setting up a course, engaging with the child in sports related activities or watching the child engage in sports related activities with siblings or parents
  • Customized suggestions for sports or physical activities that your child may excel in based on observation or genetic predisposition

Service 2: Injury Prevention for Ages 3+

  • Observation of child performing specific sport or activity
  • Assessment of child's strength and flexibility
  • Education and suggestions for improving mobility in order to prevent further injury
  • This will take place at home unless otherwise discussed prior to the session and an agreed upon location is determined

Service 3: Developmental Milestones for Ages 0-3

  • Observation of child’s movement patterns in comparison to standardized development
  • Discussion of age of rolling, sitting independently, walking, etc.
  • Discussion of any concerns in child’s physical development
  • Provide recommendations for strategies to advance child's progress in physical development through stretching routines and physical activities

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