Child Development

Stages of Child Development

Learn about your child's biological, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

As your child's growth progresses so does his or her independence and mindset. What motives your child to take ownership of tasks? How can you help to grow his or her confidence? How is your child understanding his or her relationship with you? Learn how to prepare, guide, and enable your child throughout the early years and into adolescence.

Further education on this topic is tailored to the needs of each client depending on the child and family.

Learning Activities

How can you improve cognitive thinking in your home?

Looking for ways to make learning math, science, or reading fun and interesting based on your child's stage of development? We provide guidance on how to create developmentally appropriate, educational games and activities to engage your child outside of school.

Advisers may recommend outdoor activities and local family trips that will promote your child's learning and be fun for the whole family.

Other Services