Health & Nutrition

Child & Family Nutrition

Let us guide you through the basics child and family nutrition.

We offer general nutrition guidance and provide tips on how to encourage healthy eating. We can help with school meal preparation, making dinners the whole family will love, and even offer grocery shopping tips.

Specialized services include overcoming picky eating, introducing new foods, cooking with kids, edible gardening, vegetarian diets, sports nutrition, and natural food alternatives. We can also assist you in planning diets for families with food allergies, dietary restrictions, intolerances, and disorders.

Advisers take family preferences, schedules, and household allergies into consideration while working with you to develop meal plans or evaluate current practices.

Sports Selection & Injury Prevention

If you are thinking about enrolling your child in a sport or physical extracurricular activity, but are unsure of the best fit for your child, we can help.

We will evaluate your child’s movement patterns and offer suggestions on the best sport or activity for your child physical strengths. Whichever sport or activity it may be, we can advise you and your child on stretching techniques to care for the body before and after physical activity. If your child has recurring injuries from sports, we can offer suggestions for stretching or movement tips which may provide a bit of relief.

We also offer direction on exercise programs for child and family health.

Other Services