Fun Activities for a Snow Day

6 Fun Activities for a Snow Day

While a snow day can be a great opportunity for family time, we are often left wondering what to do throughout the day. Cozying up on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy popcorn is always fun, though, sometimes we still need to move around or use our creative side. If a snow day is unexpected, there are lots of activities to do using items you most likely already have in the house. Here are a few ideas for fun activities to do on a snow day.

1. Snowman Bowling

Snowman bowling can combine creativity with physical activity. If you save toilet paper rolls, you can make this into a craft by creating your own snowman bowling pins. If you don’t have toilet paper rolls, Styrofoam cups can be used to make snowmen by placing the cups upside-down and decorating them to look like snowmen with markers or colored paper cut-outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. Once you have 6-9 snowmen you can line them up or stack them on the floor and start bowling with any light weight ball you have in the house.

2. Snowman Egg Carton Craft

There’s a good change you’ll have an egg carton in your house, but if not, it’s also fun to make a snowman craft using paper plates. There is a lot you can do with an egg carton, here is one idea that uses paint and another that uses cotton balls. If you choose to use paper plates you can decorate one plate to look like a snowman’s face or staple three plates together, one on top of the other, for a full snowman. Crayons, markers, paper cut-outs, and pipe cleaners can be used to decorate the snowman as you wish.

3. Snow Day Themed Bingo

Bingo is always fun and there are many ways to create a fun board. Bingo can build listening and vocabulary skills. If you’re interested in a non-traditional prize, you can try letting the winner choose the next activity like picking out a movie, picking a board game or helping to make a snack of his or her choice. Try a simple snow day bingo print out or if you prefer a more interactive bingo game try one that can be fun to fill throughout the day depending on other activities you complete during your snow day.

4. Indoor Hopscotch

This is a timeless activity and can easily be created indoors using painters tape (which can be removed without damage to floors). It's simple, yet encourages coordination and counting skills. It’ll take some time to make the hopscotch boxes with tape so if you have kids near or over the age of three they can help you to make the boxes. Another activity which utilizes painters tape is to create roads or mazes for driving around cars and trucks.

5. Yoga

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga, especially on a snow day. Yoga can be an opportunity to stretch, exercise, focus or calm the body. It’s also a chance to practice following directions both verbally and with physical movements. Here are a few kid-friendly yoga poses to practice at home.

6. Snow Sensory Bin and Sorting

For those who have younger children under the age of three, sensory bins and sorting activities are always engaging and build fine motor skills, focus, and concentration. Snow sensory bins can be created by filling a large, flat bin with cotton balls or shaving cream and adding any winter themed items you may have around the house like figurines, foam shapes, and small toys. Turn the sensory bin into a sorting activity by using plastic tweezers or spoons to select and bowls to sort the items.

Happy snow day!