Child Development

Jessica E

Child Development Consultant

Jessica is originally from Connecticut though she received all of her degrees and credentials from California. She is currently an educational consultant to schools, teachers, families and learning communities in the US and internationally. She has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, a minor in Psychology, a master’s in Education, a public teaching credential and is pre-primary/primary certified in Montessori Education. Jessica has taught for 16 years in a multitude of educational environments predominantly in the elementary years and has presented at numerous national and international educational conferences.

Jessica is remarkably interested in listening, sharing and collaborating to the support of an adult in serving children in their school and home environments.

Other than her passion for education, she enjoys being outside, traveling, reading, being active, spending time with her husband, step daughter and dog.

Parent testimonial:

Jessica was fantastic! She connected with our children very easily and she gave us some great pointers. - Jenna M.

Here's How Jessica Can Help

What can families expect to feel after working with you?

That there are ALWAYS options/choices and more than one way to view a challenge as well as your response.

What is unique in your approach to working with families?

I like to look at the whole child - socially, emotionally and physically - as well as the functions and needs of the family to offer guidance, support and ideas.

How do you empower children/parents/families?

From working with hundreds of families over the years, I adopt a very curious attitude to situations. Much like a scientist, I ask questions, gather information, and propose ideas to try out. A large part of the communication piece between families and me is that I listen as ask for clarification and understanding so that I am able to identify the deeper needs of that family or child. More often than not, a family (and child) want to and need to be heard in order to move forward and progress.

Service offerings:

Service 1: Child Motivation

  • Option 1: The Root of Inspiration
  • Option 2: Creativity in problem solving

Service 2: Mindsets, Grit and Independence

  • Option 1: Learning about Grit
  • Option 2: Development of Independence

Service 3: Preparing the Environment

  • Option 1: The Physical Space - Practical ideas to create an engaging space to learn throughout the home
  • Option 2: Response Structures - The adults’ role in adjusting our responses to support children/Why and how to show trust, respect and faith in your child’s capabilities

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