Educational Consulting


School Readiness

Is your child entering a new school?

This is a big, exciting change for you and your child! Let us work with you to prepare for the new school year to:

  • Organize and assemble class materials
  • Create a designated homework area in your home
  • Develop morning and evening household systems for your child to navigate

You and your child will be fully prepared for school!


The School Year and Beyond

We know how busy the school year can be for families. There is much to juggle, arrange, and plan - morning routines, after school activities, lessons, homework, a bit of evening family time. Let us help and support you to achieve your family's goals with more ease and confidence.

  • Reading assessments for children in K-3
  • Reading activities to support appropriate reading level development
  • Homeschooling curriculum development for parents that teach
  • Hands-on learning for struggling concepts within current curriculum
  • Practical ideas to create an engaging space to learn throughout the home
  • Routine charts for your child to follow on their own for less stressful and smoother mornings
  • Simple systems for successful and effective homework times
  • Household organization and routine management systems for you and your child

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